Royal Dowry Towns present themselves ...


Royal Dowry Towns present themselves ...

Zoological gardens, open-air museums, Celtic oppida, castles and chateaux, natural beauty, water and hillsides – you cannot manage all that on foot in just one weekend. However, if you would like to enjoy your leisure time freely and independently, fully in touch with city life and wildlife, at the same time as wanting to visit as many interesting places as possible, then recreational cycling is the ideal way for sightseeing. For those of you who would like to strengthen your physical strength and refresh your mental strength (or spiritual), the Royal Dowry Towns offer tips for cycle trails and cycling trips. We have chosen 9 trails for you, which will please cycle families with children and more experienced off-road cyclists and mountain bikers. The trails have been selected so that you can discover the surroundings of each Royal Dowry Town as best as possible and shorten or extend your trip with other options as you wish.

Each town includes a description of the length and level of difficulty of the cycle trail, recommended type of bicycle, a map section and elevation profile. So that you are always able to find the right direction and destination, we present the trails with landmarks for orientation. Plus, you can learn about interesting facts that add depth to your cycling trip. At the end of the brochure you will find a list of useful contacts for bicycle repair shops and rentals. And since wheels are also conquering the world of skaters, we have tips for inline trails as well.

The romantic world of knights in shining armour on horses now includes an equally romantic world of knights on wheels, who are also eager to discover and explore the scenic beauty of the Czech countryside, will you join them? 


We have prepared several survey questions for you, and gifts from the Royal Dowry Towns await selected responses. We thank you in advance for sending your responses to:

  • Which of the offered trails did you like most?
  • Which tourist point of interest on our trails grabbed your attention most?
  • Do you have a favourite trail from the surroundings of the Royal Dowry Towns? Share your experiences with us.
  • Any funny stories from cycling trips?
  • What other information would you appreciate?

I. | From Dvůr Králové nad Labem to Pecka Castle

distance: 45 km | level of difficulty: medium | bicycles: mountain, trek

Dvůr Králové nad Labem – Jan Palach Bridge –> Bílá Třemešná |5.5 km| –> Horní Brusnice |6 km| –> Vidonice |3 km| –> Pecka |4 km| –> Borovnice |5 km| –> Borovnička |4 km| –> Mostek |3.5 km| –> through Horní Brusnice and back to Dvůr Králové nad Labem |14 km|

• Description of the trail
Ride along cycle trail no. 24 from Jan Palach Bridge to the village Nové Lesy. Do not turn right here along trail no. 24, but ride directly through Bílá Třemešná and Dolní Brusnice to Horní Brusnice to the church of St. Nicholas. Cycle trail no. 4096 continues from the crossroad at the church through Vidonice and Staňkov to the church in Pecka. Then from the square uphill to the courtyard of Pecka Castle – you can take a tour of the castle. Then back to the church and continue along cycle trail no. 4135 around the camp and outdoor swimming facilities uphill to Borovnice. Continue from here through Borovnička to the village Mostek and then along the road according to the road signs through Souvrať, Dolní Brusnice and Bílá Třemešná.

We recommend: on the way back, turn left to the Přehrada Les Království (Forest Kingdom Dam) at the crossroad in Bílá Třemešná – 3 km.

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Pecka – Township, you will find a number of preserved half-timbered cottages here and the Baroque church of St. Bartholomew, whose present day form dates back to 1748–1758. It was finally renovated in the 21st century.

Pecka Castle – It became known out of friendship mainly thanks to Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice, musical composer, traveller and writer executed on Old Town Square in 1621. Today you can see an exhibition on the history of the castle and town, or a medieval torture room and medieval scullery here.
The state rooms on the ground floor of the castle include the Gallery of Modern Sculpture, where temporary exhibitions of modern art are occasionally held.

Přehrada Les Království (Forest Kingdom Dam) – One of the most beautiful dams in the Czech Republic established in 1910-1919, which has included a hydro power station since 1921. The dam, towers, dam-keeper’s house, the surface of the water and vast surrounding forests create a fairytale impression. Today the dam is considered a national cultural site. 

• Inline trail
Inline trail at Dvůr Králové nad Labem
You will find a 1.7 km long inline trail in Žirečská Podstráň in the outskirts of Dvůr Králové nad Labem. It is accessible to the public all year round. It is designed for all age groups, who enjoy excitement and adrenaline.

II. | Through the Town Forests of Hradec Králové

distance: 33 km | level of difficulty: medium | bicycles: cross, MTB

Hradec Králové, Bílá věž (White Tower) –> Malšova Lhota |6 km| –> Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond) Autocamp |1 km|–> Běleč nad Orlicí |3 km| –> Krňovice |3 km| –> Marokánka |2 km| –> Mazurovy chalupy (Mazur’s cottages) |5 km| –> Výskyt Pond |4 km| –> U dvou šraňků (At the Two Pikes) |1 km| –> forest cemetery |2 km| –> Hradec Králové, Bílá věž (White Tower) |6 km|

• Description of the trail
Velké náměstí – Bílá věž (Great Square – White Tower) – Winter Stadium I and II – in front of Moravian Bridge to the Episcopal Grammar School – around the Summer Cinema – Orlice River waterfront – at the old hospital on the embankment of the right bank of the Orlice River – over the iron bridge “Klapák” (Sounder) – the embankment of the left bank of the Orlice River – around the wharf across road III/29827 – the cycle trail Malšova Lhota (Bělečská Street) – over the Stříbrný potok (Silver Stream) footbridge – turn right between the cottage settlement and Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond) Autocamp – turn left onto the red-marked trail CT 4197 (Bělečská route) – along the road at the sand-pit to Běleč nad Orlicí CT 222 – Krňovice – Krňovice open-air museum in the Podorlice Region – back along road 298 to the crossroad Marokánka Gamekeeper’s Lodge – turn right and continue along CT 4158 – turn left along the red-marked trail to Běleč Pond – turn left at the signpost and continue along Bělečnice CT 4259 – Hradečnice – through Hradečnice along the blue-marked trail – Mazurovy chalupy (Mazur’s cottages) (refreshments, playground, fairytale trail) – back along the blue-marked trail to Hradečnice – at the signpost Černá Stráň (Black Hillside) turn right in the direction of Výskyt Pond – back to Hradečnice along the red-marked trail to the gamekeeper’s lodge “U dvou šraňků” (At the Two Pikes) – turn right and continue along the Hradečnice trail – forest cemetery (public transport) parking lot – brick shed – cycle bar (repair shop) – Malšovice (Náhon Street) – overpass over the belt – turn right at the underpass along Gočár’s belt – Mileta crossroad – turn right onto Hradecká Street – and left at the university, in front of the library onto the trail – footbridge at the winter stadium over the Orlice River – CSA Avenue  (“At the Grand’s”) – V Kopečku Street – Velké náměstí (Great Square).

You can pick up a free tourist map of the Town Forests of Hradec Králové at information centres or find them in stands directly in the forest at the information panels. You can travel around Hradec Králové with your bicycle by public transport, under the condition that there is enough space on the means of public transport, while keeping in mind that prams have priority. 

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond) Autocamp – Apart from swimming and a beach restaurant, the facilities also include a children’s playground, beach volleyball court, table tennis, cable and fun centre (low cable park, fencing on a log, water fights, blowpipes, aqua skipper, aquazorbing, bungee running, archery), a bicycle, scooter, rowboat and peddle boat rental and a paintball field.

Krňovice open-air museum in the Podorlice Region – The open-air museum is a collection of architectural and technical monuments of the Hradec Králové Region, the foothills of Orlické hory (the Eagle Mountains) and Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains) and it attracts visitors not only with the building structures themselves, but also with regularly held events. Thus you can try processing textile raw materials, taking care of domestic animals, making soap and pearl ornaments and much more.  

Fairytale trail – On the section Mazur’s cottages – Výskyt Pond, children are bound to be fascinated by the wooden sculptures of fairytale forest beings. 

• Inline trail
Inline trails in the Town Forests
The trail leads along Hradečnice to the forest cemetery (public transport, parking lot) to the crossroad at the U dvou šraňků (At the Two Pikes) gamekeeper’s lodge (2.7 km), then along Písečnice to Nový Hradec Králové, all the way to the Town Forests of Hradec Králové (3 km). The trail leads through a forest and is also suitable for beginners.

III. | Through the nature of the Slavická Reserve to the Celts

distance: 36 km | level of difficulty: medium | bicycle: trek

Chrudim –> Slatiňany |4 km| –> Svídnice |4 km| –> Výsonín |2 km| –> Libáň |4 km| –> Nasavrky |4 km| –> Práčov |4 km| –> Trpišov |2 km| –> Rabštejn |5 km| –> Sobětuchy |4 km| –> Chrudim |3 km|

• Description of the trail
From Chrudim along cycle trail 4112 along the Chrudimka River to Slatiňany all the way to the signpost below the chateau (cycle trail no. 4113 and the blue-marked tourist trail). Follow the blue-marked trail along the Chrudimka River through Svídnice and cross the bridge over the Práčov distribution reservoir and keep going all the way to Výsonín. In Výsonín continue along the blue-marked trail to the dirt road at the end of the village, turn right at the unmarked crossroad on the dirt road behind Výsonín and continue along the dirt road to the next crossroad, then left along the forest road to the crossroad at Radochlín (green tourist trail and cycle trail 4121), turn right onto 4121 to Libáň (village square, ostrich farm) - along 4121 through Drahotice to Nasavrky to the square (there is an exhibit in the chateau “In the Footprints of the Celts), then along the blue-marked tourist trail back around Kaštanky (also the Celtic trail Through the Iron Mountains) to “Hell’s” crossroad in the cottage settlement. Then follow the blue tourist marking along the Chrudimka River to the bridge over the Chrudimka River. Cross the bridge and continue upwards past the game reserve (along the marked horse trail) to the entrance to the Slavická Reserve, then continue around the Reserve (with the fence on your right side) on the public road to the crossroad in Práčov, turn left onto 4118 and continue to the crossroad in the centre of Trpišov, where you turn left onto 4112. Follow it to the turn (right turn) at the end of Trpišov, turn right and after you exit Trpišov continue along the dirt road and forest road to the crossroad with the yellow tourist marking (signpost), turn right and continue along the yellow marking in the direction of Slatiňany to the Kochánovice signpost along the 4177 to the Ryb signpost. Then along the green tourist trail (all the way to the class 2 road at Rabštejn, cycle trail 4185 as well) through Rabštejn to class 3 road to 4111 – along 4111 through Sobětuchy and Vrch to Chrudim.

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Ostrich farm – Have you ever seen an ostrich farm? There is one in Libáň. You can get to it by turning right on the village square (first follow the blue tourist marking back to Slatiňany) and ride through a narrow street, which will lead you to the class I road. The farm is on the left side. Or just ask any of the locals for directions. Everyone here knows where they can see live ostrich and buy large eggs! 

Nasavrky – It is the right place to get off your bicycle and relax for a while. We recommend refuelling your energy at the Pod Lipou (Under the Linden Tree) Restaurant with pleasant outdoor seating. Since it is located directly on the trail just as you enter the square, very few can resist stopping here after the rather demanding ride up the Nasavrky hill. The restaurant also offers accommodation. There is a Renaissance chateau right behind the restaurant, which offers the highly visited exhibition “In the Footsteps of the Celts”. On hot summer days you will surely appreciate the sandy beach of the Pivovarský (Brewery) Pond (approx. 500 m further along cycle trail 4121).  

Slavická Reserve – Apart from the summer holidays, you can only ride through Slavická Reserve on the public road from Slavice to Práčov, but if you plan a cycling trip for July or August, you can explore the Reserve in greater detail. Foals are bred in the Reserve nearby Slavice. Do not miss taking a walk around the local ponds and if you are lucky, you can even spot deer. 

• Inline trail
In summer you can inline skate in the winter stadium. For inline fanatics you can enjoy the 3 km long trail from Chrudim to Slatiňany along the Chrudimka River. Slatiňany is a suitable starting point for hiking and cycling trips to the surroundings, to Podhůra, Bára etc.

IV. | From Baroque to Baroque

distance: 32 km | level of difficulty: low | bicycles: trek, MTB

Jaroměř –> Kuks |8.1 km| –> turn to Kašov |1.5 km|–> Litíč |2.9 km|–> Velichovky |2.8 km| –> Smiřice |10 km| –> Jaroměř |12 km|

• Description of the trail
The entire circuit is marked and leads along marked cycle trails, about 3 km along a marked tourist trail, approx. 419 m (417 m on the return trip) of cycling uphill. Ride through the gate from the square in Jaroměř, around the church of St. Nicholas along the red tourist marking all the way to the cemetery. From here, continue along cycle trail no. 24 to Kuks (8.1 km), follow the blue tourist marking to Litíč, where you connect to cycle trail 4252 and continue along it all the way to Velichovky (15.4 km), from here take the so-called “Bethlehem trail” around the ruins of Rotemberk and keep on going along cycle trail 4252 to Smiřice (25.4 km) and the take cycle trail 24 back to Jaroměř (37.3 km).

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Jaroměř – Urban Conservation Zone – Marian Column - supreme work of art by M. B. Braun, church of St. Nicholas, the Weeping Woman by M. B. Braun in the Jaroměř cemetery.

Kuks Hospital – Unique Baroque complex including the allegories of human Virtues and Vices by M. B. Braun, an ancient chemist’s shop, the Holy Trinity Church and the tomb of Kuks founder F. A. Špork.

An approximately 7 km long nature trail circuit leads around the Kuks complex along both banks of the Elbe River, then familiarizes you with the sculptures in Nový Les and then leads you through the valley of the Elbe and back to Kuks.

Velichovky – The spa facilities are surrounded by an extensive park.

Smiřice – The chapel of the Epiphany is the landmark. One of the most beautiful examples of High Baroque in the Czech Republic was built in 1699–1711 according to the plans of architect K. Dienzenhofer.

• Inline trail
The newly built trail will serve for cyclists and inline skaters from spring 2013. 9 718 metres of trail in the direction of Smiřice – Jaroměř – Brod.

V. | From Mělník through Liběchov to Kokořín Castle and Mělník Chloumek

distance: 42.1 km | level of difficulty: medium | bicycles: road, trek

Mělník –> Liběchov |11 km| –> Želízy |1.7 km| –> Dolní Zimoř |3.4 km|–> Truskavna |3.9 km|–> Kokořín |1.6 km|–> Kokořín Castle |2.4 km| –> Kokořín mine |1.6 km|–> Harasov |2.7 km|–> Lhotka at Mělník |4 km|, in the direction of Střednice –> Mělník Chloumek |6 km|–> Mělník |3.8 km|

• Description of the trail
Set off from Mělník along trail 24 to Liběchov, where you join trail 0057 at the fishery building and continue to Želízy. Turn right at the inn and continue along trail 0010 through Zimořský and then Truskavenský mine to Kokořín. Descend the serpentine with a view of Kokořín Castle to Kokořín mine. Here connect to trail 142, which you will return along in the direction of Mělník. Behind Llhotka’s pond turn right and connect to trail 203, which will lead you back to the starting point of your journey – Mělník.

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Želízy – Devil’s Heads, Harpist – sculptures by V. Levý, Klácelka – cave and sandstone block.

Kokořín Castle – The first written record of this famous Czech castle dates back to the 14th century. It was built by Hynek Berka of Dubé and the last owner of the castle is the Špaček family, which continues to leave the castle open to the public. In addition to tours of the interiors, you can climb up the castle tower from where you have a stunning view of the entire Kokořín Region.

Kokořín mine, Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko – Apart from the beautiful nature full of protected fauna you can also see sandstone formations. The most famous ones are the Pokličky (pot lids).

Harasov – Possibility to swim in the natural pond between rocks.

Lhotka – rock dwelling no. 1 in Lhotka at Mělník is one of the many rock dwellings in the Kokořín Region in which the poor lived. Not only are the rock homes carved out of the sandstone blocks but farm buildings as well.

• Inline trail
A new inline and cycle trail was built in 2010, which leads along the banks of the Elbe River from Horní Počaply through Dolní Beřkovice, then it deviates from the Elbe River in Hořín, it passes the confluence of the Elbe River and the Vltava River and continues along the banks of the Vltava River through scenic landscape in the direction of Prague. For now it ends in the settlement Zelčín at the footbridge with Prague’s hot water pipeline over the Vltava River. The trail is almost 20 km long. 

VI. | Cycling around Bydžov

distance: 30 km | level of difficulty: low | bicycle: trek

Nový Bydžov (square) –> Nový Bydžov (Metličany) –> Králíky |4.1 km| –> Myštěves –> Sukorady |8.0 km| –> Lískovice |2.3 km| – midpoint – rest area – Village pub with summer garden –> Tereziny Dary –> Ohnišťany |4.1 km| –> Loučná Hora –> Smidary |5.6 km| –> Červeněves –> Skřivany –> Sloupno –> Nový Bydžov |5.9 km|

• Description of the trail
The trail begins on Nový Bydžov Square, which has an unmistakable regular layout, the so-called “Bydžov square”. The trail leads through open nature in the direction of Hořice. The relatively small ascent only slightly increases the overall level of difficulty of the trail.

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Myštěves – The contemporary chateau with a mansard roof is found north of the village. It is surrounded by a reserve in the form of a nature park. A golf course expands in front of the chateau.

Loučná Hora – Wooden Romanesque church of St. George (history dates back to the 14th century). A wooden belfry stands near the church.

Skřivany – Baroque church of the Holy Family with a wooden belfry nearby. Originally a Baroque chateau rebuilt in English Neo-Gothic style surrounded by an English park. It presently serves as a social institute. The building of the historical sugar refinery is a valuable example of industrial architecture. The gamekeeper’s lodge behind the village is the birthplace of polar explorer Dr. V. Vojtěch. The surroundings of the nature trail are home to a memorial tree - an oak that is more than 400 years old. 

Sloupno – Newly reconstructed three-winged chateau on an H-shaped layout built in the 17th century. At present it is in the ownership of the village. Exhibits, concerts and other cultural events are held here.

Travelling on “wheels” not only for seniors, but also for people with a disability. 
Electric scooters – all the comfort you need for travelling, +420 774 724 257

• Inline trail
The trail is 3 km long. It begins in Nový Bydžov at the former brickworks on the right side – in the direction of Jičín (not marked). Nový Bydžov – Sloupno – Skřivany.

VII. | To Svojanov Castle in search of the blazing swine

distance: 47.5 km | level of difficulty: medium | bicycles: MTB, cross

4104 blue Polička –> Baldský les (Forest) |6 km| –> Stašov –> Rohozná –> Svojanov Castle |20.5 km|; 104 Svojanov Castle –> Svojanov |2.0 km|; not marked, (5085) Svojanov –> Hartmanice –> Bystré –> Nedvězí –> Korouhev |19.4 km|; 4106 red Korouhev –> Jelínek –> Polička |5.6 km|

• Description of the trail
More than half of the circuit is marked. The unmarked section turns off to the right at the beginning of Svojanov over the bridge and leads along the green–marked tourist trail through Hartmanice and Bystré to Panský Forest. At the crossroad below Jaroška Hill, the trail turns right and continues along the dirt road to Nedvězí. In Královec Forest 2 km behind Nedvězí, the trail turns left off the road and onto a forest and dirt road. It crosses the road Jimramov – Korouhev and continues in the direction of Korouhev along a dirt road below Bezděk Hill. In Korouhev the trail turns left and continues along cycle trail no. 5085 along the road through the village and past the church. At the northwest end of the village it turns right onto red cycle trail no. 4106. The trail is very hilly but beautiful with many sections including steep climbs and descents along dirt and forest paved and unpaved roads, local class II and III asphalt roads.

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Monuments of Polička Town (Gothic walls, the birthplace of composer Bohuslav Martinů in the tower of the church of St. Jacob, Baroque town hall, plague column, Bohuslav Martinů Centre) and the small town of Bystré; chapel of St. John of Nepomuk; Polička dams, Svojanov Castle; Korouhev, Šibeniční Vrch (Gallows Hill); folk architecture in villages along the trail.

Rest areas: Polička dams; Baldský Forest rest area; Svojanov Castle; Svojanov restaurant and inn, Bystré, Stašov, Hartmanice, Korouhev; Šibeniční vrch (Gallows Hill); restaurant and park in Polička.

Viewing points of the region: Polička – tower of St. Jacob’s Church; the edge of Baldský Forest, Stašov quarry section – Rohozná; Svojanov Castle watchtower; Svojanov section – Nedvězí; Bezděk Hill near Korouhev; Jelínek.

• Inline trail
Inline skating in Polička even in the rain! The new inline skating track in Polička’s winter stadium offers fun for everyone who likes roller skating, or you can play hockeyball, floorball, futsal and more here. 

VIII. | From Trutnov to Stachelberg and around Rechenburg back

distance: 31 km | level of difficulty: medium | bicycles: MTB, trek

Trutnov centre –> Horní Staré Město |6.2 km| –> Bystřice |6.1 km| –> spot height Vrchy |6.5 km| –> Stachelberg |1.5 km| –> Zámecký vrch (Hill) |4.4 km| –> Vebrovka cottage |0.9 km| –> Dvoračka Inn |2.8 km| –> Trutnov |2.3 km|

• Description of the trail
Trutnov centre – trail along the Úpa River along the blue tourist marking – Horní Staré Město – cross the bridge at Kaufland, turn left behind it and continue along the blue-marked trail – over the railway crossing at the former factory complex – turn right at the crossroad, then continue along Rýchorská Street – turn left behind the railway crossing – continue along the blue trail leasing along the stream (shallow water) – the defunct settlement Bystřice – turn sharply to the right at the crossroad (cycle trail K26B) – ascend to the spot height Vrchy (716 m above sea level), along the way connect to the red-marked trail – descend all the way to the top of the road above Babí – then follow the red-marked trail to the Stachelberg Artillery Fort – then continue along the red trail around the quarry (cycle trail 4081/4084) past the fork in the road Nad Babím – continue along the red-marked cycle trail 4123) to the spot height Zámecký vrch (Hill) (635 m above sea level) – Vebrovka cottage – exit the forest into the Trutnov quarter Nové Dvory – Dvoračka Inn – along cycle trail 4213 all the way to the centre of Trutnov.

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Trutnov centre – Cycle through the historical centre of the town, visit Krakonošovo náměstí (Krakonoš Square) with the Krakonoš Fountain, the Holy Trinity column, the statue of Emperor Joseph II and the introductory information panel for the nature trail “In the footsteps of the 1866 War – Day of the Battle at Trutnov 27. 6.”. Notice the dragon hanging on the tower of the Old Town Hall. You can get information on it and other attractions at the information centre.

Bystřice – Visit the medieval stone bridge, which is found 100 metres from the crossroad.

Stachelberg Artillery Fort – The largest modern fort in Czechoslovakia, the military museum, accessible underground, “Fortified Trutnov Region” nature trail between Stachelberg and Libeč, stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Natural science nature trail Nové Dvory – Babí – Take the trail in the reverse direction from Stachelberg to Dvoračka Inn, 12 stops with information panels will familiarize you with nature conservation, forest management and geology, fauna and the history of Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains) and Vraní Mountains.

Rechenburg Castle ruins – You can find terrain hints of the 13th century castle that once stood on Zámecký vrch (Hill). The rock formations used to be a part of the fortification. Cycle trail 4084, which you turn onto from 4213 and then return to, will lead you to the information panel with a description of the castle, which is 0.5 km below the signpost “Za Zámeckým vrchem” (“Behind Zámecký Hill”). From it you can get to the ruins straight down the slope along a footpath about 400 m long.

Dvoračka Inn – You can refresh yourself here and take a seat outside.

• Inline trail
The trail along the Úpa River leads from Trutnov’s bus station to Dolní Staré Město and is 3 km long. The trail with a smooth asphalt surface copies the Úpa River from the centre of Trutnov and leads through beautiful surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

IX. | Pilgrimage to Czech Versailles 

distance: 30,4 km | level of difficulty: medium | bicycles: travel, trek

Vysoké Mýto –> crossroad behind Sítinka |6.8 km|; 4227 crossroad behind Sítinka –> Pustina –> Libecina –> Leština –> Nové Hrady |8.4 km|; 4180 Nové Hrady –> Javorníček |4.1 km|; unmarked Javorníček –> Javorník –> Džbánov –> Knířov –> Vysoké Mýto |11.1 km|

• Description of the trail
The first part of the trail from Vysoké Mýto to Nové Hrady leads along marked cycle trails along class II and III roads. The terrain is hilly and a larger part of the trail has frequent ascents and descents. The route from Nové Hrady through Podhořany, Pustinka to Javorníček leads along yellow-marked tourist trails. In Javorníček turn left off this trail onto the class III road through Javorník to Džbánov. From here the trail descends sharply along an asphalt road to Knířov all the way to Vysoké Mýto.

Map and route profile see on this page:

• Interesting points along the trail
Attractions in Vysoké Mýto
The Autodrome in Vysoké Mýto with a go-kart rental, exposition of the brilliant automobile and bodywork designer Josef Sodomka in the Regional Museum in Vysoké Mýto, folk architecture in villages along the trail. 

Nové Hrady Chateau – the first Czech cycling museum, church of St. Jacob and the Way of the Cross in open-air in Nové Hrady.  

Rest areas – orchards, parks and squares in Vysoké Mýto, restaurants in Vysoké Mýto, chateau park and chateau restaurant in Nové Hrady, village square in Knířov.

Swimming – Tyrš public swimming bath – natural swimming bath with thermal water in Vysoké Mýto.

Viewing points of the region – Prague gate, viewing point near the village Brteč.

• Inline trail
Cycle trail Vysoké Mýto – Choceň
The cycle trail is 4.669 km long. Its trail leads along road no. II/357. The trail leads from Vysoké Mýto to Choceň, where it connects to the Cycle & Inline Kingdom, then continues to Ústí nad Orlicí and then onto Letohrad or Česká Třebová.

Bicycle repair shops, stores and rentals


Velo servis – Jaroslav Medikus | Smetanova 905 | tel. no.: +420 499 621 949, +420 606 648 173 |
Cykloservis Šubrt | Mostek Souvrať 163 | Mostek | tel. no.: +420 774 544 750
Peter Bike – Munzar Petr | Riegrova 344 | tel. no.: +420 499 329 033
Cyklosport – Pařík, Lacina | Havlíčkova 9 | tel. no.: +420 499 622 168
Josef Erban | Vrchlického 802 | tel. no.: +420 603 917 999


Vojtěch Kulhánek, s.r.o. | sales, repairs, rental | Třída Karla IV. 622/16 | tel. no.: +420 495 220 411 |
Intersport Hradec Králové | sales, repairs | Brněnská 1825/23 (Futurum Shopping Centre) | tel. no.: +420 495 273 863,
Petr Samek – Agit | sales, repairs | S. K. Neumanna 725/10 | tel. no.: +420 495 534 196
Velo CZ, s.r.o. | sales, repairs | Pospíšilova 314 | tel. no.: +420 495 271 379, +420 777 288 675 |
Tomáš Jelínek | sales, repairs | Čelakovského 501/6 | tel. no.: +420 777 821 756 |
Bláha Zdeněk | bicycle repairs | Pospíšilova 318 | tel. no.: +420 495 541 356 |
Petr Chaloupka | sales | Hořická 403 | tel. no.: +420 723 545 499 |
Jízdní kola BONE | sales, repairs | Habrmanova 316 | tel. no.: +420 495 521 037, +420 728 408 534 |
Fanatix | sales, repairs | Chelčického 445 | tel. no.: +420 777 331 581 |
SPORTem | rental | tel. no.: +420 604 164 390 |


Luboš Janda | S. K. Neumanna 573 | tel. no.: +420 469 637 816, +420 608 933 344
Bike Sport | Luděk Vašek | V Tejnecku 543 | tel. no.: +420 469 621 252, +420 608 430 492
I-Bike | Žižkovo nám. 10 | tel. no.: +420 777 596 767


ACTIVE sport Jaroměř | bicycle sales, repairs, rental | Hradecká 159 | tel. no.: +420 491 422 298 |


Cyklo Erben | bicycle sales, repairs, rental | Chloumecká 3376 | tel. no.: +420 315 646 720
CYKLOSPORT DERFL, s.r.o. | bicycle sales and repairs | Bezručova 789/4 | tel. no.: +420 315 623 812, +420 604 777 091 | 
Ottis cyklosport | bicycle sales and repairs | Českolipská 1165 | tel. no.: +420 315 670 500


Jízdní kola Schäfer | Husova třída 1164 | tel. no.: +420 736 405 514


Cyklo Hrubý | Komenského 234 | tel. no.: +420 461 725 624
CykloStratílek | Vrchlického 127 | tel. no.: +420 461 722 268
Cykloservis a půjčovna kol Boštík | bicycle repairs, rental | Sádek 182 | tel. no.: +420 605 746 773


Cyklo Point Trutnov | Horská 687 / tel. no.: +420 734 311 818 |
ZK Cykloservis – Bike Point | Horská 10 | tel. no., fax: +420 499 812 868, +420 603 480 169 |
BON servis | Krakonošovo nám. 73 | tel. no., fax: +420 499 817 324 |
Michal Plšek – cyklo-ski servis | Zahradní město 129 | tel. no.: +420 722 787 797 |
Kola U kostela – Ivan Vetterle | Farská 59 | tel. no.: +420 602 656 058


Cyklosport Bendl s.r.o. | Nám. Přemysla Otakara II. | tel. no.: +420 465 424 137, +420 736 541 606 |
Donocykl | Pražská 32 | tel. no.: +420 465 420 366 |

Cyclists welcome (


Penzion U Mlejna (Guesthouse) |
Kemp a chaty Stříbrný rybník (Silver pond Camp and Cottages) |
Šrámkův statek (Šrámek’s Farmstead) Piletice |


Penzion Za Vodou (Guesthouse) | Poděbradova 2014 | tel. no.: +420 499 620 904, +420 604 295 794 |
Country Saloon Restaurant | nám. TGM 37 | tel. no.: +420 499 321 596, +420 603 180 387 |  
Pension Na Náměstí (Guesthouse) | Revoluční 79 | tel. no.: +420 499 329 129 |
Hotel Pod Zvičinou (Hotel) | Dolní Brusnice 96 | Bílá Třemešná | tel. no.: +420 499 396 381, +420 499 396 382 |


Penzion Wunsch (Guesthouse) | A. Heidricha 23 | Jaroměř-Josefov | tel. no.: +420 491 814 228, +420 602 444 953 |


Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička | Tylova 114 | tel. no.: +420 461 723 855 |
Penzion Na Chalupě (Guesthouse) | Hegerova 100 | tel. no.: +420 605 021 434, +420 603 510 898 |


Dolce Camp (camping, trailers, apartments, restaurants) | Oblanov 37 | tel. no.: +420 775 186 484, +420 499 828 555 |