Royal Dowry Towns present themselves ...


Royal Dowry Towns present themselves ...

It does not matter if you have not been successful in life and have no money. What does matter is if you have no heart that pounds to let you know you really are alive. But the worst of all is being bored. Do you want to be cool? Are you craving for real freedom and letting go of the stereotype of life? Do you want to be at peace with yourself? Do you want to mix the right endorphin cocktail and experience blood bubbling through your veins? Try and remember the last time you did something really crazy and out of this world. So do not hesitate and come and visit one of the nine Royal Dowry towns. 

The Royal Dowry Towns are not just about history and queens. They also offer endless possibilities for experiencing new or unknown sensations, which will help you overcome your own physical and mental limits. Whether you choose paragliding, wild water rafting, akwavat, rock climbing, flying or jumping out of an airplane and other extreme disciplines, you will find what is really deep down inside of you. 

Live to the max so that there is something to watch when your life flashes in front of your eyes!

Water adventures

If you want to feel like a fish in water, then there is no better place to start your adventure than water. If you do not exactly feel up to going down Niagara Falls in a boat, even our Czech ponds can offer you plenty of extraordinary experiences. Discover romantic corners from a canoe, become a part of the underwater landscape and defy the laws of physics by riding a bicycle on the surface of the water.

Riding an akwakat in Hradec Králové

Are you a passionate cyclist and ride your bicycle everywhere? Try it on water as well! Akwawat is easy to assemble sports equipment, which enables you to move on the surface of the water with your own bicycle. As opposed to ordinary peddle boats, an akwakat has true sporting ambitions, it is faster, more elegant – simply “cool”. You can rent an akwakat and either assemble it yourself or arrange for experienced assistants and guides to help you.
GPS: 50°11’37.097”N, 15°50’47.263”E

Diving in the Opatovice sandpit near Hradec Králové

What can you see underwater in a sandpit in the surroundings of the town? You can find out by trying out a test dive in the Opatovice sandpit near Hradec Králové. Come and arrange your test dive at the dive centre in Hradec Králové, and if you enjoy and like it, you can sign up for diving school. 
GPS: 50°12’43.148”N, 15°48’40.297”E

Trips along the Orlice River to Hradec Králové

You can’t pass up the opportunity to take a trip along the Orlice River starting from various places and on various means of water transport – a classic canoe or inflatable one, a raft or kayak and almost all year round. Whether it is just for a few hours or the whole day, you will always be enchanted by the beauty of the Orlice Nature Park. 
GPS: 50°12’47.480”N, 15°49’30.342”E

Navigating the Úpa River from Havlovice

Along the picturesque Úpa River through Babiččino údolí (Grandmother’s Valley) on a canoe or raft. Come on foot, by car or bicycle. We will rent you all of the equipment you need. Return is provided by a microbus and it is included in the price.
mGPS: 50°29’48.912”N, 16°2’44.491”E

Mělník 1881 Rowers’ Club

The club facilities are found on the right bank of the Elbe River, 500 m below the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava Rivers. The Club organizes several rowing races throughout the year. During season you can enjoy the possibility of motorboat tours or rent a punt. And if you do not want to go home right away, you can stay overnight at the local tourist boarding house.
GPS: 50°21’2.34” N, 14°28’16.64” E

Navigating the Loučná River, Vysoké Mýto

For water sports lovers and even those who are new to them, the Sárovec Club offers boat rental along with paddles. If you are interested, we can arrange for locals to drive you higher against the flow and you can comfortably navigate the Loučná River all the way to the final destination – Mlýn Sárovec (Sárovec Mill). (At your own risk. The Club is not liable for injuries, losses and other troubles on the water!)
GPS: N49°56’37,74”E, 16°11’40,72”

Cruising along the Elbe from Dvůr Králové nad Labem

For all water sportsmen, the Elbe River can be navigated from Dvůr Králové nad Labem. You can embark at the outskirts of the town in the direction of Žireč (at the water treatment plant) and cruise along to Stanovice, Kuks and onwards. Boats can be rented at the Pod Zvičinou Hotel.
GPS: 50°25’26.873”N, 15°49’9.364”E

Climbing and falling

To all mountain climbers …
Do you dream of conquering a steep rocky wall and savouring the view of the surrounding landscape from its peak? Start with an artificial wall perhaps, and the rest is up to you. But be careful! Risk of immediate addiction!  

Climbing and boulders near Dvůr Králové nad Labem

The natural monument Devil’s Castles are rock formations on which you can try out your climbing skills. You can also visit climbing places called Slučí kameny (Slučí Rocks), Bradlo and others in the near surroundings of Dvůr Králové nad Labem.
Devil’s Castles GPS: 50°25’32.084”N, 15°45’44.547”E,
Slučí rocks GPS: 50°29’43.958”N, 15°45’36.292”E

Mountain climbing rocks in the surroundings of Polička just for you! 

Devět skal (Nine Rocks), Malínské skály (Malín Rocks), Drátník, Čtyři palice (Four Clubs), Pasecké skály (Pasecké Rocks), Vávrova skála (Vávra’s Rock), Rozštípená skála (Split Rock).
Bílá skála (White Rock), Uhlíř, Ostrá, Milovské Perníčky (Milovice Gingerbreads), Zkamenělý zámek (Stone Castle), Rybenské Perníčky (Ryben Gingerbreads), Štarkov, Bohdalec. Those are just a sample of some of the names of rocks that provide a spectacular view of the surroundings of Polička like at your fingertips.

Climbing and bouldering in the Trutnov Region

Trutnov’s sports club DOBRODRUH (ADVENTURER) and outdoor company MWA – My Way Agency - will teach you the basics and specialized techniques and skills necessary for conquering demanding mountain climbing terrains. Elementary courses are held in the stunning locations of sand stone rock towns and table mountains of the Broumov Promontory, Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) or the Czech-Polish borderlands.
What can you expect? A half-day of climbing in beautiful climbing regions – one-day climbing including rock towers and bouldering –great fun just a little above the ground – long bouldering from high rock walls. 
GPS: 50°33’46.368”N, 15°54’10.450”E

Cable Park on Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond) in Hradec Králové

Visit the outdoor cable centre on the romantic peninsula of Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond), where you will find climbing fun for the whole family. The centre offers a children’s cable centre, high cable obstacles, a park of team cooperation and even a water centre including aquazorbing. The centre is accessible by public transport. 
GPS: 50°12’19.660”N, 15°53’31.921”E

The third largest climbing wall in the Czech Republic

Conquer it in Hradec Králové. An approximately 600 m2 climbing space of various levels awaits you here. Boulders are found on the ground floor of the building, which create an ideal climbing environment with their surface of more than 200 m2. Each mountain climber is bound to find something that meets his/her climbing skills from the total area of more than 800 m2 . Or you can arrange to take a course on rocks, ferratas, alpine peaks or glaciers.
GPS: 50°11’53.682”N, 15°50’44.207”E

FIT4FUN Hradec Králové

FIT4FUN is prepared for all levels of mountain climbers, including children. If you do not feel exhausted enough, you can go to the gym, or relax in the sauna, indulge in a massage etc. 
GPS: 50°12’43.622”N, 15°51’11.380”E

Climbing and bouldering wall in Černožice nad Labem, Jaroměř

You most probably have never climbed the ceiling, right? Well then visit the ideal place for learning how to climb the ceiling and overhangs in Černožice nad Labem. The surface area of the wall is 251 m2. You can climb routes of technical and strength in character with a level of difficulty ranging from 4 UIAA to 8a fr. The boulder wall has a surface area of 250 m2, on which you will find a wide scale of profiles and holds.
GPS: 50°19’6.715”N, 15°52’25.325”E

Mšeno Town – climbing wall, Mělník Region

The climbing wall is up to 10 m tall. With three overhangs, it is ideal for all age groups. You can leave the children at the children’s climbing wall and perfect your own climbing technique with a professional instructor. You can rent equipment on the spot.
GPS: 50° 26’16.285”N, 14° 37’57.665”E

Other manmade climbing walls:

Polička climbing wall

The wall was built in 1996. Wall thickness – 16.80 m, wall height – 8.22 m, overhang – 3.60 m, approx. 270 m2 surface area, approx. 550 holds and toeholds, a total of 24 routes and variants.
GPS: 49°43’3.606”N, 16°15’31.603”E

Na Nivách sports facilities in Trutnov

Mountain climbing wall, bar, badminton, shop.
GPS: 50°33’57.007”N, 15°54’43.275”E

Základní škola Komenského (Komenský Basic School) in Trutnov
GPS: 50°33’33.863”N, 15°53’56.780”E

Mountain climbing walls in Dvůr nad Králové nad Labem

The mountain climbing walls are found in the gymnasium of ZŠ Strž (Strž Basic School), E. Krásnohorské 2919, Dvůr Králové nad Labem, tel. no. +420 604 239 597 and in the gymnasium of ZŠ Podharť (Podharť Basic School),, tel. no. +420 499 620 190.

ZŠ Strž (Strž Basic School), E. Krásnohorské, Dvůr Králové nad Labem
GPS: 50°26’12.825”N, 15°48’8.683”E,

ZŠ Podharť (Podharť Basic School), Dvůr Králové nad Labem
GPS: 50°26’38.890”N, 15°48’51.594”E

Skates in summer?

Spring is here and your favourite ice rink has melted? We surely do not need to introduce the summer option for ice skating in great length. You are bound to fall for wheels in a single line or in two in retro style, especially if you are not limited by the oval of a winter stadium and you can skate through a forest, along a river or on groomed cycle trails in nature.

Inline trails in the Town Forests of Hradec Králové

The forest complex offers inline skating on the four kilometre long Hradečnice, accessible preferably by car or public transport bus line no. 9, and the three kilometre long Písečnice, which starts in Nový Hradec (bus line no. 1 and 2) and connects to the Hradečnice at the  “At the Two Pikes” gamekeeper’s lodge. You can get a map of the Town Forests at an information centre or at some of the entrances to the forest, which are marked by information panels.
GPS: 50°10’33.211”N, 15°51’37.803”E

Inline trail at Dvůr Králové nad Labem

You can find an inline trail in Žirečská Podstráň, on the outskirts of Dvůr Králové nad Labem. The trail is 1.6 km long and is accessible without any restrictions. There are either meadows or trees along the left and right side of the entire trail. Inline skating is suitable for all age groups and people who like excitement and adrenaline.
GPS: 50°24’39.626”N, 15°49’42.648”E

Cycle and inline trails in Vysoké Mýto

Enjoy up to 40 km of trails along the valley of the Tichá Orlice and Třebovka Rivers. The trail leads from Vysoké Mýto to Choceň where it connects to the cycle and inline kingdom, continues to Ústí nad Orlicí and then on to Letohrad or Česká Třebová.

Inline skating in Chrudim

Have you ever skated in a winter stadium in summer? In the sports facilities of Chrudim you can. The ice rink transforms into an inline surface in summer and offers inline variants of both popular sports - hockey and skating. 
GPS 49°56’23.866”N, 15°48’12.607”E

Cycle trail with an inline trail in Trutnov

The trail for bicycles and inline skates is divided to accommodate pedestrians as well. The trail leads up the Upa River and is lit with streetlights along its entire length (approx. 5100 m. The cycle trail is a part of the Czech Tourist Club cycle trail no. 22).
GPS: 50°34’12.040”N, 15°56’29.738”E

Winter fun

You do not have to go all the way to the Alps for quality skiing. You can find well-equipped ski resorts in the surroundings of the Royal Dowry Towns, where you can perfect your downhill and cross-country skiing skills, or there is always a hill where you can enjoy sledging.

Dolní Brusnice ski run – Severka, Dvůr Králové nad Labem

Severka is located approx. 8 km away from Dvůr Králové nad Labem. Thanks to its varied terrain, the ski run is also suitable for parents with small children and for beginners as the slope is milder. Return to childhood and sledge down the part of the ski run reserved for sledges.
GPS: 50°26’56.960”N, 15°43’25.198”E

Zvičina sports complex

It is about 14 km away from Dvůr Králové nad Labem. It offers sports activities in both summer and winter. In winter, the ski lifts operate so that you can enjoy both day and night skiing.  There are groomed cross-country trails in Zvičina and the nearby surroundings. In summer, you can enjoy cycling, paragliding or hiking here.
mGPS: 50°27’16.429”N, 15°41’42.549”E

Downhill and cross-country skiing in Polička –“U Salaše” cross-country skiing trails

Altitude: 560–620 m above sea level, length: 2 and 5 km, elevation: 45–120 m, machine groomed trails for classic and skating style and scooters. The starting point is at the parking lot by the ski run.

Polička ski lift

Altitude: 620 m, length: 320 m, elevation: 55 m, machine groomed, artificial snow, lighting – night skiing, children’s tow lift,  snack bar, parking lot, Poma ski lift.
GPS: 49°42’11.707”N, 16°15’39.724”E

Trutnov – cross-country skiing paradise 

Trutnov and its surroundings offer dozens of kilometres of groomed cross-country trails. The Trutnov town forest park and its surroundings offer approximately 12 km of trails. The starting point is the Paradráha stadium above the park, from which you can set off along the marked trail to the hill Kacíř and back. Another possibility is to cross the road leading from Trutnov to Úpice and set off over the fields in the direction of the hill Koule. The trail has a considerably rugged profile with numerous ascents and descents. From Trutnov, you can also set off in the opposite direction of the valley, from Nové Dvory to Babí and onwards to Rýchory. This trail is connected to the Krkonošská magistrála (Giant Mountains’ cross-country highway). More physically fit cross-country skiers can ski all the way to the Borderland Huts on the Czech-Polish borders, which are 25 km far from Trutnov. 
GPS: 50°33’22.774”N, 15°55’9.474”E

Up in the air - aircrafts, hot-air balloons

If you like seeing things from a bird’s eye perspective, then do not hesitate and head for the clouds. Experience adventure, excitement and romance while flying in a hot-air balloon. Savour the feeling of absolute freedom from freefall.

Sightseeing flights in Dvůr Králové nad Labem

You can see the surroundings of Dvůr Králové nad Labem, the Giant Mountains, Bohemian Paradise, the Forest Kingdom Dam, and even castles, chateaux and other interesting landmarks from above. We fly from Žireč Airport near Dvůr Králové nad Labem.
GPS: 50°24’55.533”N, 15°50’12.872”E

Sightseeing flights over Polička

The public interstate Polička Airport is located 2 km north of the town of Polička and the altitude of the aerodrome reference point is 603 m above sea level. It is possible to land on two runways at the airport. With its dimension (length 1500 m and width 150 m) runway 33/15 enables safe landing and take-off for an aircraft with a take-off weight of up to 5700 kg.  
GPS: N 49° 44’ 22’’, E 16° 15’ 32’’

Sightseeing flights in Vysoké Mýto

The public interstate airport, international private airport with a grass and asphalt runway serves for sports purposes and private flights.
GPS: N49°55’45,49” E16°11’2,05”

Sightseeing flights from the airport in Chrudim

You cannot decide between a glider, motorized aircraft or hot-air balloon? Are you tempted by trying out freefall? All of these options are available for you at the Aeroklub in Chrudim. And if this idea of fun does not make you feel too good, then you can watch your flying family from the local pub.
GPS 49°56‘11.187“N, 15°47‘14.153“E

Hot-air balloon flights in Hradec Králové

Experience adventure and romance during a 60-80 minute long flight. You will have the chance to see the balloon being inflated and undergo the final christening of first-time ballooners.
GPS: 50°12’47.628”N, 15°48’40.493”E

Chrudim Balonklub (Balloon Club)

It is high time you tried a new adrenaline discipline – paraballooning. Combine the beautiful spectacle with a parachute landing and slowly float to the ground. Contact:,

Hot-air balloon flight over Polička and Vysočina

Set off for a hot-air balloon flight with us and experience the unforgettable during a romantic trip with a touch of adventure without having to play in the film Vratné lahve (Bottle Return).

Tandem jumps in Jaroměř

Tandem jumps are the best way of experiencing freefall safely. It is simply adrenaline and pure pleasure from free movement in space. Tandem jumps are for everyone from 8 to 108 years old.
GPS: 50°20’9.567”N, 15°56’33.051”E

Paracentrum (Paracentre) in Jaroměř

Parachuting school - SKY PARAFORM training centre – it offers basic parachute training and jumps with a tandem pilot. The activities of the training centre are conducted at the airport in Jaroměř-Josefov.
GPS: 50°20’9.567”N, 15°56’33.051”E

On a trip by plane?

Why not! The airport in Jaroměř-Josefov offers sightseeing trips by air and perhaps for entertainment to Poprad.
GPS: 50°20’9.567”N, 15°56’33.051”E

Paragliding in Zvičina

The hill Zvičina is located about 14 km from Dvůr Králové nad Labem. This peak is an ideal place for paragliding.
GPS: 50°27’16.429”N, 15°41’42.549”E

Kiting with the Trutnov club DOBRODRUH (ADVENTURER)

Kiting is a young adrenaline discipline, which uses a kite (powerkite) for power and the strength of the wind. The club offers: interesting kiting with small kites – half-day course for familiarization with powerkiting – a one-day course on powerkiting – snowkiting, landkiting, powerkiting. 
GPS: 50°33’46.368”N, 15°54’10.450”E

Cars and vehicles

You think that only 500 horsepower under the hood of the car, an engine that purrs like a cat and the image of the breathtaking speed of a leopard are the only things that can bring you back to life? We even have an adrenaline offer prepared for you – motorists - in the autodrome or on racecourses or freeways.

One-of-a-kind in Europe, in Hronov, Velký Dřevíč

The four-level indoor go-karting track with 13 banked corners, an 80 m long tunnel, speed straights and timekeeping is 870 m long. Under the motto “Holidays behind the steering wheel – road safety” you can send your children here to the go-karting camp.
GPS: 50°29’36.423”N, 16°10’53.152”E

Karts and autodrome in Vysoké Mýto

It is not only the venue for a number of international go-karting and motorcycle races, but it also offers several other activities to the public – go-kart rental for adults and children. There is a training centre here for drivers for learning how to drive motor vehicles in simulated extreme conditions and situations, a skate park and stadium for training volunteer and professional fire fighters and much more.
GPS: N49°56’35,9” E16°10’5,12”

Autodrome in Hradec Králové

Are you worried about your pet car? Try driving with your own or rented car and test your driving skills in dry, wet or snowy conditions. is a multifunctional motorist facility, which offers two basic circuits. Both circuits are set in the extensive Festival Park at the airport in Hradec Králové. Go-kart and race equipment rental here as well.
GPS: 50°14’47.072”N, 15°50’16.088”E

Adrenaline in nature 

If you have not discovered the adventurous spirit in yourself yet, there is no avoiding it in nature. Become the master of the forest, relax your mind on the bank of a pond or lake or scream at the top of your lungs from a mountain top.

Aquazorbing and paintball at the Autocamp at Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond)

The recreational and camping grounds in the middle of the Nový Hradec forests and Orlice Nature Park are ideal for those who love bathing outdoors, water adrenaline sports and fishing. You can rent a boat or peddle boat, use the court for beach volleyball, play mini-golf or paintball. If you are a fisherman, you can rent a fishing caravan right by the water so that your catch is only a few steps away. A cable and fun centre are also found on the grounds.
GPS: 50°12’17.280”N, 15°53’48.901”E

On a bicycle, inline skates, cross-country skis in the Town Forests of Hradec Králové

Whether you go on foot, by bicycle, inline skates, cross-country skis or on a horse through the forest, you cannot get lost. There are numerous marked trails of varying levels of difficulty and as a reward you can indulge in a grilling siesta at one of the three sheltered fire pits. In summer you can enjoy swimming in Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond) and Biřička Pond or feed the fish in Výskyt Pond, or the retention basin Na Olšině. Try out the Nature Trail and Fairytale Trail. The trails are accessible by public transport bus lines no. 1, 2, 9, 11 and 17. Maps of the Town Forests are available at information centres or on the town’s website, or at some of the entrances to the forest, which are marked by information panels.
GPS: 50°10’33.211”N, 15°51’37.803”E

Podhůra Recreational Forests – Bára observation tower, cable park

In the Podhůra Recreational Forests (3 km far from Chrudim) both children and adults will find pleasure. The forests feature two interesting tourist attractions: a cable park for children and adults and the Bára observation tower. At the cable park, visitors can test how brave they are on cable obstacles of various difficulties and rock climbing trails or the funicular. Those who prefer less adrenaline can enjoy the view from the Bára observation tower. This triangular pyramid shaped tower belongs among Europe’s rarities. The Podhůřa Recreational Forests are interwoven with a network of nature trails, cycle trails and horse trails.
GPS: 49°54’58.543”N, 15°46’50.769”E

Adrenaline in the animal kingdom

Have you decided that you do not want to be disturbed by the constant chatter of your family, friends or colleagues in your free time? But nevertheless, you do not want to feel totally alone? Then come meet the world of silent faces, in which you can become a keeper at the zoo, see the world from a horse’s saddle or see why dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend. 

Hradec from a horse’s saddle

It is hard to confirm the well-know Arab proverb “the most beautiful view of the world is from horseback”, unless you try it out yourself. In the surroundings of the town and in the Town Forests there are several marked riding trails. For information on horseback riding stations and details on trails, look for the “Hradec on Horseback” pamphlet at the information centre.
GPS: 50°10’33.211”N, 15°51’37.803”E

Dvůr Králové ZOO

The zoo offers you an interesting and exotic environment for active and relaxing experiences. One of the most popular adventure programmes is trying out what it is like to work like a keeper directly with the animals, or a tour of the exotic animal breeding facilities. You can combine adventure programmes with accommodation at the Safari Hotel or the unique Safari Camp, which offers e.g. bowling, a swimming pool, a whirlpool, pitches for sports or cycling. End a day of active relaxation with evening grilling.
GPS: 50°26’5.718”N, 15°47’55.821”E

New World in Dvůr Králové nad Labem

The complex is found in the southeast part of the town, not far from the centre, but already in nature. Once an overgrown meadow on the junction of the Hartský potok (Hartský Stream) and Elbe River, today the grounds are home to a dog shelter, a dog hotel and horse stables. Other parts are used as pastures for horses and training grounds for dogs. The New World is adjacent to a tennis complex, softball field, Basic Canine Organization no. 138 and extensive meadows known as Hrubá Luka.
GPS: 50°25’33.609”N, 15°49’13.687”E

Mělník Riding Club

Come for a long-term training stay! The club offers stabling your horse in spacious boxes including care. Take advantage of the opportunity to have lessons led by an experienced trainer, or you can rent a horse long-term or on an hourly basis for basic training on a lunge line, training in a hall or at the riding school or just for riding.
GPS: 50°21’46.397”, 14°29’7.926”

Dog trekking with the Trutnov club DOBRODRUH (ADVENTURER)

Dog trekking is more than just trekking! What will you experience? You will be pulled by a dog, which is part of a professional dog sled team. You will feel enormous unexpected strength. You will ascend hills with the flick of your fingers. You will learn a lot of new and interesting information. These champion dogs really have flair! The club offers: one hour, two hour and three hour dog trekking trips – day and night adventures. 
GPS: 50°33’46.368”N, 15°54’10.450”E

Mushing – dog sledding with the Trutnov club DOBRODRUH (ADVENTURER)

Comfort and extreme, but always an experience for life! Become a musher who leads his/her dog team. You will feel the speed and strength that professionally trained sledge dogs have. The club offers: initial introduction to a dog team and how to manage it – trips of various lengths – trips along the ridges of the Giant Mountains – multi-day courses at the mountain hut.
GPS: 50°33’46.368”N, 15°54’10.450”E

Skate and bike parks

The first skateboard was already made in the 1950s, so you can’t say it is only fun for the youth. All it needs is courage, sagging pants, a cap turned to the side and cool music so that you can enjoy one of the most popular extreme sports to the max.

Skatepark in Dolní Beřkovice – Mělnicko

The skate park consists of two banked ramps. One has a large radius and a grind box in the middle. The other has a mini-ramp that verges into the central obstacle with one straight rail, an oblique grind box and a small gap. Furthermore, the skatepark has a broken board, a grind box with a step or a pyramid corner. Contact:
GPS: 50°23’39.266 N, 14°27’11.68 E

Skatepark in Polička

Obstacles: radius + bank on both sides of the skatepark, a fun box + grind box over the whole fun box + low fun box + grind box over the whole top surface + rail with rectangular profile + board box, picnic table – portable, rail – round profile, attached to the surface, admission: free, surface: asphalt, obstacles: sheet metal.
GPS: 49°43’4.764”N, 16°15’32.333”E

Skatepark in Hradec Králové

The skatepark in Šimkovy Sady (Šimek’s Park) is designed so that it accommodates skateboards and freestyle bikes. You can ride in all weather conditions thanks to the roof over the entire surface of the skatepark.
GPS: 50°12’53.608”N, 15°50’15.835”E

Skate park in Dvůr Králové nad Labem

It is found by the winter stadium and is freely accessible to the public of all ages. You can have fun here on a skateboard, scooter or BMX bike. The skatepark includes a pyramid, fun box, slide box and more.
GPS: 50°25’52.695”N, 15°48’39.093”E

Skatepark with U–ramp in Vysoké Mýto

The skatepark is found within the premises of the autodrome. Admission to the grounds is only permitted on days when the race track is not in use and only to persons 15 years and older. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.  
GPS: N49°56’35,9” E16°10’5,12”

Leisure time complex – skatepark in Mělník

Park for BMX bikes with a paved surface approx. 11.4 x 23 m with 8 fun obstacles (quarter pipe, flat bank, handrail box, fun box, large street pipe, roll-in, grind rail, stand grind rail).
mGPS: N50° 21’ 15.12”, E14° 29’ 2.4”

Skatepark in Nový Bydžov

Indoor sports facility for sports on wheels.
GPS: 50°14’11.417”N, 15°29’38.193”E

Bike with the Trutnov club DOBRODRUH (ADVENTURER)

Experience super moments on fantastic bike trails, relax, grind, freestyle freedom, adrenaline and moments that are worthwhile. The club offers: half-day trips – whole day cycle trips – short and long trails – adrenaline riding.
GPS: 50°33’46.368”N, 15°54’10.450”E

Multifunctional KASPER Park for extreme sports in Trutnov

The park meets even the most demanding requirements for riding on a freestyle BMX bike and MTB or even on a skateboard, inline skates or a scooter. Obstacles in the park are used for what is now considered a cult and prestigious contest – the Bike Hall Contest. It is located within the premises of the new athletics grounds.
GPS: 50°33’50.754”N, 15°55’38.127”E

Bikepark in Mladé Buky (8 km from Trutnov)

It offers two different single trails – one for absolute beginners and the other for advanced riders. There is a lift for getting to the top of the hill. At the base you will find a bike and equipment rental shop, which also offers you the opportunity to test ride a new bike or try out a new sport.  You can also enjoy riding on the fun pump track, which is a trail with bumps and banked corners, and interconnected in a way that allows you to ride in circles. 
GPS: 50°36’1.859”N, 15°50’41.563”E

Skatepark in Chrudim

In Průhonech, freely accessible all year round. 
GPS 49°56’23.866”N, 15°48’12.607”E 

For real adrenaline connoisseurs

Have you tried absolutely everything and something even twice? Are there no more surprises left for you in the adrenaline world of extremes? Do not worry, the section “For those who have not chosen yet – Save the best for last – Luck is on the side of the brave” is here for you and we hope you will finally be able to choose something!

AQUA GOLF – Water driving in Hradec Králové

The training grounds on the bank of the lake in Hradec Králové – Plačice will be just the right thing for you. Drive untraditionally into the lake, which has buoys floating on the surface indicating distances and even artificial floating target greens. You can rent golf clubs here for yourself and older children.
GPS: 50°11’26.44”N; 15°47’15.09”E

Festival Park Adrenaline Zone, Hradec Králové

A paintball field, archery, pedal cars, slackline, motorized skateboard, jumping shoes, blowguns, star toss and zorbing await you on more than 20 000 m2. There is a refreshment stand for visitors and quality facilities, which are continuously being upgraded. In the next few years the offer will expand by a cable park, aquazorbing and other attractions.
GPS: 50°14’19.953”N, 15°50’16.011”E

Paintball in Polička

Come and experience adrenaline and excitement in Aigl’s quarry. There is no escaping our playing field! You have to decide quickly where to hide as balls fly around you.
GPS: 49.713297,16.247385

FOX sports shooting club in Mělník

The facilities of the Mělnik shooting range offer you immediate relief. On a total area of 11 hectares you will find: two shotgun shooting ranges - Hunting Circle (Skeet, Hunting Skeet), three shotgun shooting ranges - Olympic Trap, Universal Trap, Double Trap and the Compact Sport shooting range. 
GPS: 50°22’55.095”N, 14°29’55.705”E

Slackline with the Trutnov club DOBRODRUH (ADVENTURER)

Experience adrenaline and the feelings of a person walking across a tightrope. Learn to control your body and strengthen it. Discover that walking on a slackline has its magic and is not that difficult as it may seem at first sight. The club offers: walking on short or long slacklines – walking above water and tricks.
mGPS: 50°33’46.368”N, 15°54’10.450”E

Berta bobsled run at the Mladé Buky Skipark

It is 1520 m long of which more than 1000 m is downhill leading you through beautiful nature. You can reach a speed of up to 40 km/hour with the bobsled, which is controlled using brakes. The bobsleds are two-seaters. Children up to the age of 8 may only ride with persons 12 years and older, and children up to the age of 6 ride for free. The bobsled is designed so that it cannot leave the track and each rider wears their own seatbelt.
mGPS: 50°36’1.859”N, 15°50’41.563”E

TONGO family fun park

The largest indoor playing and sports centre in the Czech Republic on an area of more than 2900 m2. Older children and adults will find a climbing wall, huge climbing volcano, trampolines, a cannon arena, slides and toboggans. There is a pitch for football or basketball, playing tables for billiards, football, hockey or table tennis. 
GPS: 50°11’56.609”N, 15°46’50.359”E

Nové lesy sports shooting club

The facilities are located approx. 4 km away from Dvůr Králové nad Labem. The shooting range for 50 m is improved by fifteen portable targets, i.e. shooters can move the targets themselves. You will find a schedule with the hours the shooting range is available to the general public on the website.
GPS: 50°26’3.890”N, 15°45’40.470”E


Leisure time and sports centres

Squash Centre in Hradec Králové

The centre offers 5 air-conditioned courts, a cryo chamber, spinning, exercising on trampolines for adults and children.
GPS: 50°11’45.368”N, 15°50’4.939”E

Bowling A-Sport in Hradec Králové

The fun and bowling centre offers 11 bowling alleys plus a shortened bowling alley for children with a children’s corner, ricochet, pool, darts and table football.
Contact:  GPS: 50°11’57.199”N, 15°51’29.728”E

Tennis, curling or ricochet in Hradec Králové?


SportWorld & Amerikana Bar in Dvůr Králové nad Labem

Sports centre – bowling, ricochet, spinning, aerobic, gym, fitbox, bosu, pilates, sauna, cryo sauna, whirlpool, massage, solarium.
GPS: 50°26’40.708”N, 15°48’57.985”E

Cosmo Bowling in Dvůr Králové nad Labem

Those who like fun and a little bit of excitement at the same time should go bowling. You definitely will not be bored playing it – it is a fun experience for one person or a group of people.
Contact telephone: +420 499 622 367 
GPS: 50°26’39.174”N, 15°48’57.021”E

Pod Zvičinou Hotel

The hotel facilities offer paragliding, power kiting, mountain bikes, hiking, canoeing, diving, mountain climbing, roping or Nordic walking. In winter you can ski directly in front of the hotel doors, but you can also try out one of the nearby ski runs. There is a sports equipment rental in the hotel.
GPS: 50°26’59.648”N, 15°42’43.101”E

Jaroměř Sports and Leisure Time Activities Complex

The outdoor complex offers an athletics track with an artificial surface, athletics sectors – long jump, high jump, javelin, shot put, hammer and discus throw, a large football pitch, a pitch for a small game of football, a multipurpose pitch with an artificial surface and outdoor lighting. Even tennis, badminton, basketball and indoor football lovers can enjoy playing their game here. There is also a mountain climbing training wall here that is 4 x 8 m in size.
GPS: 50°20´58.578” N 15°55´6.960” E

Leisure Time Complex in Mělník

The complex includes a round pitch with a special surface for ball games, rackets sports, hockey and even a grassy children’s playground with various features. Contact: http://www.melnik-info/
GPS: N 50°21’15.12”, E 14°29’2.4”

Bios Hall in Mělník

There are 4 badminton courts, 2 table tennis tables, possibility of renting and stringing rackets.
GPS: 50°21’33.511”N, 14°28’51.748”E

OLYMP Sports Centre in Trutnov

The sports centre offers a gym, a spinning hall, squash and ricochet courts, football 2 in 2, a children’s corner, a mirror hall and a multipurpose hall for tennis, volleyball, football, netball or other group exercising and sports.
GPS: 50°34’20.301”N, 15°56’43.147”E

Na Nivách sports complex in Trutnov

It offers two ricochet courts, a bar, a mountain climbing wall, badminton, a shop with equipment, a modern fitness centre, a large gym and fitness bar.
GPS: 50°33’57.007”N, 15°54’43.275”E

Sports Centre in Vysoké Mýto

Bowling, table tennis, ricochet, squash, billiards and refreshments.
Contact: tel.: +420 465 420 257, +420 606 619 495,
GPS: N49°56’58,06” E16°9’20,55”

Fitness & Relax LEV Jumping – FITBOX Nový Bydžov

Jumping, FITBOX, massages, vibration plate, Rolletic, infrared sauna, gym, indoor cycling …
GPS: 50°14’28.892”N, 15°29’30.637”E

Bowling in Nový Bydžov

The TATRA hotel complex offers: 2 bowling alleys, accommodation, turbo solarium, salt cave. 
GPS: 50°14’30.182”N, 15°29’14.520”E

Sportring in Nový Bydžov

A multipurpose pitch with an artificial surface and with a pressurized hall in winter + a mini-golf summer garden with a children’s corner.  
Contact telephone: +420 732 509 820, +420 733 112 848

Swimming pools and outdoor summer swimming facilities

Town Spa - Aqua Centre in Hradec Králové
GPS: 50°12’50.983”N, 15°49’42.089”E

Swimming pool in Hradec Králové
GPS: 50°12’50.983”N, 15°49’42.089”E

Flošna outdoor swimming facilities in Hradec Králové
GPS 50°12’17.288”N, 15°50’30.415”E

Indoor swimming pool in Vysoké Mýto
GPS: N49°57’1,79” E16°9’29,99”

Indoor swimming pool in Trutnov
GPS: 50°33’45.172”N, 15°55’17.356”E

Indoor swimming pool in Mělník
GPS: 50°21’41.87”N, 14°28’31.26”E

Outdoor swimming facilities in Mělník
GPS: 50°21’41.87”N, 14°28’31.26”E

Tyršova plovárna public swimming bath in Vysoké Mýto
GPS: N49°57’47,27” E16°8’47,2”

Swimming pool in Jaroměř
GPS: 50°21’6.084”N, 15°55’3.886”E

Tyršovo koupaliště outdoor swimming facilities in Dvůr Králové nad Labem
GPS: 50°25’46.020”N, 15°47’57.720”E

Indoor swimming pool and outdoor swimming facilities Chrudim
GPS 49°56’26.984”N, 15°48’15.458”E

Town outdoor swimming facilities in Trutnov
GPS: 50°33’55.181”N, 15°55’42.306”E

Indoor swimming pool with a sauna in Polička
GPS 49°43’1.366”N, 16°15’50.163”E

Polička’s swimming facilities
GPS: 16.2631800°E, 49.7065747°N

Outdoor swimming facilities in Nový Bydžov

Winter stadiums

Winter stadium in Hradec Králové
GPS: 50°12’26.251”N, 15°49’53.310”E

Winter stadium in Dvůr Králové nad Labem
GPS: 50°25’53.526”N, 15°48’41.817”E

Winter stadium in Chrudim
GPS 49°56’23.866”N, 15°48’12.607”E

Winter stadium in Jaroměř
GPS: 50°20´58.578“ N, 15°55´6.960“ E

Winter stadium in Polička
GPS: 49°43’3.270”N, 16°16’3.781”E

Winter stadium in Mělník
GPS: N50°21’28,80”; E14°28’37,20”

Winter stadium in Nový Bydžov
GPS: 50°14’27.643”N, 15°29’52.124”E

Winter stadium in Trutnov
GPS: 50°33’48.039”N, 15°55’24.376”E

Tips for adrenaline events

Bike Hall Contest in Trutnov | Winter stadium in Trutnov | April – May
The largest Czech BMX community meeting attended by star riders from abroad. Contact:
GPS: 50°33’48.039”N, 15°55’24.376”E

Závody motokár a motocyklů (Go-kart and motorcycle races) | Vysoké Mýto | May – September
Go-kart, supermoto, road bikes, Czech championship, international championship in CR, etc.

Den Labe (Elbe Day) in Hradec Králové | June
Traditional event for the general public, including running across the footbridge over the Elbe River, band concerts, eight-oared shell competition and dragon boat races.

Královédvorský okruh (Dvůr Králové Circuit) | Dvůr Králové nad Labem | June
Historical motorcycle and sidecar race directly in the town streets.

Mělnická jizerská padesátka (Jizera Fifty in Mělník) | June
An annual retro cross-country skiing race wearing a mask on náměstí Míru (Peace Square). After each lap and avalanche is conquered, the racer has to drink a half-pint of beer. The person who manages the most laps and beers wins! The event is accompanied by a programme for children.

Bike Marathon Manitou Železné hory (Iron Mountain) in Chrudim | August
For mountain bike fanatics. 

Mistrovství ČR freestyle BMX (Freestyle BMX Championship CR on a mini-ramp in Nový Bydžov skatepark) | August

Polička skateboarding | August
International slalom races on skateboards.

AŽ NA DNO (All the way to the bottom – twenty four hours of running, walking or ...) in Jaroměř | September 
The event is not considered a race but a celebration of movement using your own strength as the most efficient form of transport. The goal is to cover as many kilometres as possible (by walking, running, swimming…) within 24 hours on pre-marked and measured trails.